Are charter schools pushing students out of school at greater rates than traditional public schools?

An analysis of the federal Civil Rights Data Collection's school discipline data conducted by Edweek suggests that charter schools may be expelling students at higher rates than traditional public schools. Although forty-two states and the District of Columbia have enacted charter school laws, very few of those laws actually address the school pushout problem and protect students’ and parents’ due process rights in the discipline process. Charging that charter schools lack accountability with respect to their discipline practices and policies, the national Dignity in Schools Campaign, a coalition of 88 organizations from 23 states, has released new guidelines on school pushout and charter schools that call on states and localities to implement less punitive and discriminatory laws and policies and to increase oversight of charter schools. Visit the Dignity in Schools blog post on the release and download the guidelines.

To learn more about school pushout, visit the NCSSD reference guide on the topic.

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