Blog: Conditions for Learning

Reflections on Anne Arundel County Public Schools' Supportive School Discipline Reform Journey

Dr. Shawn Ashworth has served in Anne Arundel County for more than 15 years as a school counselor, assistant principal, and pupil personnel worker; as Special Assistant for Discipline, Principal of Arundel Middle School and J. Albert Adams Academy, and Senior Manager of Discipline & Disproportionality in the Office of Equity and Human Relations. Dr. Ashworth currently works in the Office of Safe and Orderly Schools as a program specialist for discipline.

Texas Appleseed: Suspended Childhood

In November, Texas Appleseed released the results of its study analyzing school suspension rates for youth in the state of Texas over the previous school year. Researchers utilized suspension data to examine numerous factors that put the youngest Texas students at-risk of dropping out of school and being introduced to the school-to-prison pipeline. Researchers identified the excessive use of suspensions, in-school and out-of-school, as a problem.

No Quick Fixes or Simple Solutions

Today, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) launches the National Clearinghouse on Supportive School Discipline (NCSSD) website to support educational practitioners in their efforts to transform the conditions contributing to tragic school shootings as well as harsh, exclusionary and disproportionate disciplinary practices.

Federal Agencies Promote Supportive School Discipline in Webinar Series

Each year, more than 3 million students are suspended from school for disciplinary reasons, the majority of whom are African American and/or students with a disability. Many students are suspended multiple times in the school year, and many of those suspensions are a result of the discretion of school staff.