On the Horizon

On the Horizon

We are excited to put five new resources into the hands of practitioners and advocates across the country in fall 2014.

Professional Development Modules. We will be releasing two self-paced, online mini-courses. The first will address creating the conditions for learning after a crisis such as a natural disaster or school shooting. The second module will address driving decisionmaking with school discipline data. Content will be downloadable as a slide presentation and as a resource guide to support group training.

Discipline Disparities Risk Assessment Dashboard. This Microsoft Excel tool will help school administrators collect and analyze student-level school discipline data.

Conditions for Learning School Audit Tool. The website will offer an audit tool that district, school, parent and community group leaders can self-administer as an easy-to-use checklist to determine where their educational setting sits along a continuum of conditions for learning—from a highly negative and punitive school climate to a highly positive and supportive learning environment—based on objective, observable criteria. The tool recommends resources and action steps.
Social marketing toolkit. This resource is designed to build the capacity of change agents in local school communities to raise awareness about school discipline reform, support, and visibility among a variety of constituencies such as local school boards, parents and teachers’ unions. With social marketing materials such as infographics, the toolkit offers guidance on how to launch campaigns with the aim of reversing highly punitive and uncompassionate approaches to school discipline.

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