Bills Seek to Study, Fund Alternatives to Suspensions, Explusions

ndianapolis lawmaker Rep. Greg Porter (D-Indianapolis) says his bill will mostly likely not be brought to a vote in committee this week and won’t be called this session.

The bill, House Bill 1558, calls for the state’s department of education to work in concert with other state educational institutions to develop guidelines and “a model” for improving student behavior.

It also calls for the creation of a searchable database “concerning the history and current status of disproportionality in in-school suspensions and out-of-school suspensions, expulsions, and arrests on school property in school corporations and charter schools” and asks that the department work in concert, with the department of child services, the division of mental health and addiction, parents and state educational institutions in developing a plan.

“Suspensions and expulsions are very high and we want to be able to close the gap. We want to eliminate the disparities in education,” Porter told I-Team 8 in an interview Monday.

Porter called his bill “too hardcore” in its requirements of educators and school administrators. But he remains confident that similar legislation in the Senate may address the issue of student discipline...

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