Most Major California School Districts Pledge to Reduce Suspensions

LA Times

The state’s landmark school finance law has prompted most major California school districts to pledge to reduce student suspensions, hire more counselors and use positive alternatives to deal with misbehavior, according to a study released Wednesday.

The study found that the state’s 2013 law, which overhauled how schools are funded, has made a discernible difference in setting districts’ spending priorities. The law requires districts for the first time to specify goals, actions and funding in eight priority areas — including academic achievement, access to fundamental educational services and school climate, as measured by student suspension and expulsion rates.

Among the state’s 50 largest school districts, the study found that 92% had set goals to decrease suspensions, 96% had pledged to hire counselors and other support staff and 70% had planned incentive programs to encourage better behavior...

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