News and Events

8th Annual National School Safety Conference

In addition to an outstanding lineup of nationally acclaimed keynote speakers, the conference staff will include an additional 30+ breakout sessions that attendees can pick and choose from ranging from topics such as: Bullying & the link to School Shooters, Mental Health, Trauma and Violence, Critical incident Planning & Assessments, Technology & School Safety, Current Drugs, Alcohol and Violence Trends among Youth and will feature national town-hall meeting on school/youth violence.

National Conference on School Discipline

The National Conference on School Discipline will assemble internationally recognized experts including Judith Jones, Dr. Rosemary and Dr. Harry Wong, Barbara Coloroso together with practitioners who have developed promising approaches and programs in the incubator of day-to-day school life. This event will be a must-attend gathering for administrators, teachers, social workers and counselors focused on improving academic performance by applying the most current innovations and research to the arena of behavior intervention and classroom management.


School-to-Prison Pipeline ActionCamp 2.0

Following the success of the 2012 ActionCamps, the project will continue in 2013 with at least 2 more trainings taking place in April and June. The camps, dubbed ‘ActionCamp 2.0,’ will be the next step from 2012 Regional ActionCamps and will offer a deeper dive into the skills and strategies necessary to run effective campaigns to dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline. As a result, ActionCamp 2.0 will feature less introductory level training and will include a focus on helping organizations currently involved in such efforts to develop plans of action for moving their work forward.


Supportive School Discipline Webinar Series

Continuing the efforts of the Federal Supportive School Discipline Initiative, the U.S. Departments of Justice, Education, and Health and Human Services provided a Supportive School Discipline (SSD) Webinar Series. The Series was designed to increase awareness and understanding of school disciplinary practices that push youth out of school and many times into the justice system, and provide practical examples of alternative approaches that maintain school safety while ensuring academic engagement and success for all students.